How ferveret technology works
Our technology uses a cooling process called subcooled nucleate boiling. This is the cooling process used in nuclear reactors, by which our tank design is inspired.

ferveret technology – Subcooled boiling

Ferveret technology reduces the chip temperature by a factor 2 enabling more powerful (~2X) CPUs and GPUs.

How our technology is different than our competitors?

There are many companies in the immersion cooling space. Their technology is either based on single phase immersion cooling or two phase immersion cooling. Each company tries to make the case that one is better than the other one.

At Ferveret, we understand pro and cons of both techniques, so our technology combines both. We take advantages of their pros, and eliminate the cons

Subcooled nucleate boiling allows removing exceptionally high heat fluxes from processors or other heat generating components. While we take advantage of the phase change (i.e., boiling) on top of the heat source, everything looks like a single phase immersion cooling solution from outside. With our solution there is no vapor plenum on top of our tank, which helps reducing fluid losses significantly compared to conventional two phase immersion cooling.